Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Outlander Fan Theories

Ok, so, I’m a huge fan of the Outlander books. I’ve listened to the audiobooks probably four times each (which I personally think is impressive – I only started listening to them about two years ago, and they’re each 30+ hours long). Davina Porter is the most delightful narrator, and her character voices and accents totally make the story.

Anyway, I consider myself somewhat of an Outlander expert, and I’ve developed some theories about what we can expect in the last few books. Check out my top three below (I have done absolutely no research on these theories beyond reading the books, so I’m not sure if these are already widely accepted or already disproven, but hopefully you enjoy them anyway)!

*Spoiler Alert* - If you’re not caught up with the current Outlander books, you may encounter spoilers below!

1. Jamie Fraser is a time traveler. He just doesn’t know it yet. Why do I think this? So, it’s a well-established fact that time travelers (like Claire, Bri and Roger) can hear the noise the standing stones make during the fire and sun feasts. They can also (to an extent) hear gemstones.

It’s also a well-established fact that Jamie Fraser is entirely tone deaf thanks to a blow to the head he sustained from his uncle Dougal. Not only can he not sing himself, he can’t really hear or appreciate music other people are performing.

Do you see where this is going? I think if Jamie had never lost his ability to hear music, he’d be able to hear the stones as well. We know at some point he will travel (or somehow appear) in 1942 to stare wistfully at Claire as she combs her hair at the boarding house in Inverness. How else would he get there if he couldn’t travel through the stones?

2. One of Claire’s parents was a time traveler. So, we know that the ability to travel through the stones is hereditary. Rodger’s dad could travel and his ancestor, Gillian Edgars/Geillis Duncan/Geillis Abernathy, could obviously travel as well. Bri got the ability to travel from Claire, and Mandy and Jem got the ability from Roger and Bri.

So it stands to reason that at least one of Claire’s parents could travel, too! We’ll probably never know for sure since both of her parents allegedly perished in a tragic car accident when she was a child (I say “allegedly” because we all thought Roger’s dad was dead, too, until Written In My Own Heart’s Blood), but I’d be really surprised if it weren’t the case.

3. We haven’t seen the last of Master Raymond or the Comte St. Germain. In Dragonfly in Amber, the Comte St. Germain and Master Raymond were made to drink from a cup of poison when they were on trial for sorcery. Master Raymond was unaffected, but the Comte died. Or did he?

In the novella The Space Between, both men are alive and well. The poison knocked the Comte into a deep state of unconsciousness, but he recovered and went on to jump around time all willy-nilly. He’s still a major creep, and he kidnaps Jamie’s stepdaughter Joan (who he mistakes for Claire’s daughter) when she moves to France to join a convent in an attempt to quiet the voices she hears.

The Comte may also have been an RAF pilot with Roger’s dad (a pilot with the same name - Paul Rakoczy - is definitely mentioned in the novella A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows).

We know Claire suspects that Master Raymond may have been helped the Montauk Five come back in time, but as far as she knows, the Comte is dead. When Written in My Own Heart’s Blood ends, our folks are back on Fraser’s Ridge and likely out of the way of the rest of the Revolutionary War. We need a villain for the last few books, and who better than the Comte?

What do you think? Do you have any theories of your own? Share them in the comments!

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