Thursday, August 15, 2013

Feature & Follow Friday #3

Q: Share something you've learned about book blogging or just blogging in general in the last month.

Oh boy, that's a toughie. I'm not sure this was in the last month, but lately I've been a lot more conscious of how social media can help you draw traffic to your blog. When I post a new review or other entry to my blog, I like it on StumbleUpon, pin it on Pinterest, share it on Facebook and Twitter, and generally use every outlet possible to get the word out. It's really important to develop a community around your blog and find people with similar interests. You can't just expect hundreds of people to organically find your blog and love it and subscribe to it. You have to put in work to spread the word and find other blogs you enjoy and subscribe to them, too.
Got any tips of your own for book blogging or just blogging in general? Share them in the comments!


  1. Oh how I love social media. I'm hoping to get a job in PR.
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  2. Social media is definitely the way to go. It's how I'm working my way around the blogosphere.

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  3. I agree. I am currently working on building up my social media presence for my blog.

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  4. Yes, social media is a very important tool for blogging. I've recently joined Twitter with this purpose in mind.

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  5. of course, social media is definite! new follower :)

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  6. I'm really into twitter and I usually tweet 100 times in about 3 hours... It gets kind of crazy sometimes, but it does boost post.


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  7. I agree! Ive been putting in alot of work to get my blog out there so I can continue to get my subscribers list to keep going up!!

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  8. So true, gotta get the word out! New follower

  9. I just got a pinterest account - I didn't think of using it for blogging. Great idea, and thanks for sharing!

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  10. That is true. I agree with you. I post my stuff ever where :) Happy Friday. New follower via bloglovin

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  11. I agree, I think pushing your posts out and letting everyone know they are there is nearly as important as the post itself. I don't have a Facebook page yet but I'm thinking about it!

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  12. I'm getting better about this, but I haven't really used StumbleUpon or Pinterest (at least for blogging). Might have to start doing that. I'm a new Bloglovin' follower.

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  13. I have never used StumbleUpon but I am going to check it out. I do use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr though. Good advice!

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